How to Pick the Right Dedicated and Unmetered Server?

dedicated server is a single computer in a network which is reserved for serving the needs of the network. For an example, some networks require a computer that to be set aside to manage communications between all the other computers. It is possible for a computer to act as a server and perform other functions as well.

• A dedicated server is a physical server or which runs a server-based software that runs various other services over a network. The most common use for a dedicated server is to run a web host where WebPages are hosted for various websites. It is called a ‘dedicated’ server as it is a single server which is dedicated to a single customer or task, it does not take any other requests at that time.

• In web hosting terms it is possible to also have a “shared” server which houses several customers and as such it is much cheaper but it operates with reduced performance as system resources are being shared between all other customers on that server.

Unmetered servers offer you unlimited bandwidth usage. Bandwidth is the total amount of Data used by your server. A set port speed will be used to connect your servicer and you will avail accessibility to maximum bandwidth possible on that port. Unlike conventional dediziertes (dedicated) servers that have a limited Bandwidth, for an example 10TB Bandwidth cap on 1 Gbps port, Unmetered servers would allow you to use as much bandwidth as required by your server for an improved dedicated hosting experience.

Unmetered Bandwidth Server

If your website becomes too busy and the resource requirements are greater than shared hosting can ever provide, it is worth investing on dedicated servers with unmetered bandwidth from high data speed locations like Germany or other European countries. This way all the resources on the server are dedicated entirely on only one site and not shared with any other third parties.

Advantages of hosting from European countries like Germany

Well, it is always beneficial to use a server that is installed in countries having high internet and data connection speed. German servers obviously offer you the best in class services like latest technology and hardware. You can completely rely on the German unmetered dedicated servers for hosting your online business.

Why prefer dedicated servers?

There are various benefits of a dedicated server such as flexibility, control, resilience, security and reliability. A dedicated server gives you more control in allowing you to install and configure software that your business requires to run effectively. This means you have all the flexibility to run various services you require and you can use your server in the way you wish.

You can dedicate your server to a single task like a web server, a database server, an application server, a game server, a file server or anything else you require because you have the full power to utilize it at an optimum level. If you wish your server can also do a number of tasks at once and not be dedicated to a single purpose, although this is not recommended as the server was to experience any technical difficulties you would eventually lose all services. So spreading your services onto multiple servers could be the best idea.

Also, a dedicated server ensures that any third party activities do not impact your services. If you were hosting a website on a shared server and another user’s site was consuming a lot of resources, then this would impact your site as you share the resources. Of course, the costs associated with the use of a dedicated server are higher than those of shared hosting, but this price means that you have much greater control and flexibility over your business.

Why to choose an Unmetered Dedicated Server?

The most common reason people prefer for an unmetered dedicated host is that to avoid bandwidth overage fees. With traditional metered dedicated hosting, you do have to be aware of the amount of data consumed in order to avoid paying extra for bandwidth. With an unmetered server setup in Germany, this isn’t something we need to keep a check on. Another reason for choosing an unmetered host is when you have no idea on how much bandwidth your server is going to consume. An unmetered host will allow you to use the amount of bandwidth you need for any type of server such as video streaming, gaming or any other content it may be.

Choosing the Right Server?

Shared Server

Every company needs a server of its choice these days, but there are various alternatives to choose from, it’s very important to understand what their choice is which helps them to decide. A shared server means the resources are being shared with other companies. So choosing a dedicated server is a wise step. If you don’t pick up the best possible version, you will end up regretting it.

The processing power should be taken into consideration. No matter what you’re using your dedicated server for, it’s going to need some amount of power to attain your task which you would predetermined at the early stage of planning. Dedicated servers that run websites with video-transcoding, CPU-intensive scripts and SQL and other demanding features, you’ll need plenty of power to keep it going along with it you would require plenty of memory to load quickly.

Another element to consider is how much storage capacity your site needs. Many companies use more than one hard drive along with dedicated server. This gives them a primary drive with another that backs it up (also called mirroring). Most often, multiple hard drives are said to be necessary as one can be useful when the initial one becomes full.

Finally, you need to consider how much bandwidth is necessary for your website’s traffic. The bandwidth decides the amount of data that one could use. Dedicated servers are very beneficial and you should definitely consider it for your company’s website so make sure that you consider the above before you invest so that you don’t regret later.

Checkpoints for Unmetered Hosts

While choosing an unmetered dedicated server provider, there are various important things you need to consider. You will want to review their terms of services to ensure that you won’t be limited by the content or services you can run on your server. For example, some providers prohibit high bandwidth operations like video streaming.

Take a look at how long the service providers have been in business and the reputation they have. A new Budget host is likely to be overselling their network, it is very easy for a provider to have a 100Mbps connection to the internet and connect as many as servers as they like to switch and give each server a 100Mbps unmetered line. Naturally this connection will be slow and will bottleneck often. Choosing a provider with a proven track record of success is very important!